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Lenovo Keyboard Not Working Solved: A Comprehensive Guide

Seldom Lenovo laptops fetch some manufacturing defects that leave the users puzzled. Lenovo keyboard not working is the most commonly faced problem by Lenovo users in recent ages. There are a number of reasons for what you might encounter the same problem. Have a look at some of them mentioned below. In case, if the…

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Reset BIOS Admin Password On Dell Laptop With 4 Simple Hacks

The  BIOS Admin Passwords are used to add an extra layer of security in the system. But in certain situations, this extra layer of protection becomes a problematic factor for the users. Usually, those users who don’t use their system more frequently can forget the BIOS Admin Password. And because of that reason, they are…

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Dell Laptop Screen Flickering: Fix-It With Suitable Workarounds

While working on your Dell laptop, sometimes, you see that the images flash unsteadily. This is a quite common event for the Dell laptop users. Most of the times, users face this error due to the issues related to the hardware component. Also, outdated or corrupted device drivers can trigger this Dell laptop screen flickering…

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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Factory Reset A HP Laptop

HP laptops are one of the finest brands when it comes to a computer or laptop However, there might be several issues which when stuck with the laptop forces the users to perform a factory reset. A factory reset is a prime solution to get your computer back in an error-free state when every solution…

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