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Easy And Effective Ways To Fix iTunes Error 42110

iTunes is a software application that is used for loading and playing the audio as well as video files in the Apple device. However, it is not free from flaws. 

When it comes to the top ten iTunes issues, iTunes error 42110 surely ranked in a valid position. 

Most of the time, you might experience this error code when you are trying to transfer the iTunes library from one device to another device.

Once this error code occurs, then an error message saying ‘an unknown error occurred (42110)’ continuously pop up on the screen. Also, the transferring procedure can not be completed.

However, you can quickly resolve the problem with some easy hacks.

Now, go through the rest of the content and apply the given solutions to fix the issue without any hassle.

iTunes Error 42110: Root Causes of this Error

Several reasons can be responsible for this troublemaking error code. Here we have listed some of them.

  • In case, a huge number of iTunes software is available on your device.
  • Sometimes, a firewall blocking might lead to this error.
  • If you have recently launched any device, then it is also a valid reason for this error.

You might also encounter this error code while purchasing any music file from the iTunes store.

Now, if you want to know how to fix iTunes Error 42110, then have a look at the remaining part to eliminate this bug.

Resolve iTunes Error 42110 with Premium Solutions

In the given section, we have discussed how to eliminate iTunes error 42110 within a flicker of time. So, check them out.

Solution 1- Delete the SC Folder from the Mac OS

In order to apply this solution, here are the steps that you need to follow.


In the beginning, close all the running tabs and iTunes. Then, move to the menu bar and select the Go folder option. After that, a pop-up window will appear on the display.

Step 2

Now, enter ‘/Users/Shared/SC Info’ within the pop-up window and thereafter, tap on ‘Go’ to get the folder.

Step 3

In case, you are unable to get the folder, then type ‘/Users/Shared/’ inside the given field and hit the Enter key.

Now, if the finder is not appearing on the top of the screen, then you have to select the ‘View as Columns’ option. 

Step 4

After that, you should locate the SC folder. Once done, then click on it and drag the SC folder to the trace file. 

Then, reboot your machine and reopen the iTunes software. Finally, you have to again authorize your device and then enter the Apple ID and password.

By following the above steps, you can easily remove the SC folder from the Mac Operating System.

If you are a Windows Users, then,

  1. First, you should close all the open applications and iTunes.
  1. Then, press and hold the Control and Esc keys simultaneously on your keyboard and click on the Enter button.
  1. Thereafter, you need to click on the Search icon and type ‘%ProgramData%’ in the search field. Then, hit the Enter key.
  1. Now, all the hidden folders appear on the screen. So, navigate to the ‘Apple Computer’ and open the iTunes folder. 
  1. After that, a new page will appear on the screen. From there, find the SC folder and then delete it.
  1. Next, reboot your machine and move to the iTunes account.

Now, check whether the problem has been fixed or not. If not,  then continue to the next solution.

Solution 2-  Update the iTunes or Download an Older version

Sometimes, you might need to update the iTunes tools to eliminate this bug. Here are the steps that you should follow to update your iTunes.

Step 1

First, navigate to the iTunes account. Then, click on the ‘Help’ option which you can find at the top of the screen. 

Step 2

Thereafter, a new page will show on the display. Under this section, you should scroll down and click on the Update button.

After that, iTunes will scan your current iTunes version and ask you whether you want to update it or not. 

Step 3

Now, click on the Ok button and after that, read the online instructions carefully and tap the Apply button.

Once the updating process is over, then simply connect your Apple device with the computer and check if the error code 42110 is removed or not.

Some Apple users have reported that after downloading the previous iTunes version, they can easily fix the issue.

How to Download an Older Version of iTunes?

To download an earlier version of iTunes, at first, you need to uninstall the current version of iTunes.

Once you tap on the Uninstall button, then a dialog box named ‘User Account Control’ appears on the screen.

Click on ‘Yes’ for confirmation. Then, uninstall the following:

Apple Software Update

Apple Mobile Device Support


Apple Application Support 32-bit

Apple Application Support 64-bit

Once done, then reboot your machine and ensure that all the data are deleted.

After that, navigate to the Apple website and find the older version that you want to install. 

Once you have found it, then download it. 

Next, reboot your machine and if you are unable to resolve the iTunes error 42110 this time as well, then try the next one.

Solution 3- Check the Date and Time

Here is another solution that you might try to fix this error code. Generally, your computer will automatically set the date and time. 

However, sometimes this can go wrong and bring the error code 42110 on iTunes. If you are a Mac user, then in order to set the date and time properly, follow the given instructions.

Step 1

At first, move to the System Preference and under this section, you should click on the ‘Date & Time’ option.

Step 2

Thereafter, double click on the ‘Set date and time automatically’ option. Next, move to the ‘Time Zone‘ section and ensure that you have selected the right ones.

Finally, tap on the Ok button and now the time and date are set correctly.

Check the Date and Time on Windows

To correctly set the date and time on Window, at first, you need to navigate to the Taskbar and then right-click on the Date and Time.

After that, tap on the Adjust date/time option. Thereafter, check whether the time zone is corrected or not. 

If not, then you need to click on the ‘Change Time Zone.’ After that, made the necessary changes.

Once done, then drop-down arrow to choose the correct time zone.  Then, check the dialog box beside the ‘Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings time’ option.

Finally, click on the Ok button and after that, reboot your machine to check if any changes have been made or not. 

Solution 4- Check the iTunes Account Authorization

Occasionally, iTunes account authorization can be responsible for the iTunes error 42110. In such a condition, you have to check the iTunes account authorization.

Before you check, ensure that you are using the latest version of iTunes. Now, take a look below.

Step 1

At first, you need to open the iTunes application with the Apple ID. Now, if you use Mac Os, then navigate to the menu bar located at the top and after that, click on the Account option.

From there, navigate to the View My Account option.

If you use Windows OS, then at first, you need to navigate to the menu bar and select Account. After that, click on the View My Account option.

In case, you are not able to see the menu bar, then press the Ctrl and B keys together on your keyboard. 

Step 2

Under the View My Account, simply tap on the ‘View Account’ option.  After that, you will get access to the Account Information Page.

Then, follow the online instructions in order to complete the procedure.

Thereafter, again reboot your machine and the iTunes error 42110 will surely not irritate you anymore.

Bottom Lines

In this passage, we have already informed the users about the causes and the possible troubleshooting techniques to get rid of iTunes error 42110. 

Hope this article will help you to fix the error. However, if you are still unable to fix the issue, then take expert help to eliminate this error code.

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