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Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009: Try Out The Technical Workarounds

While connecting to the network for the first time, the VPN application might produce the Bitdefender VPN error code 1009.

This issue generally occurs when the VPN software is not able to connect with the network due to some restrictions.

Besides that, there are some other events that include poor internet connection, interference of other VPN services or wrong DNS input that can lead to this error. 

Furthermore, an improperly installed Bitdefender VPN application can also lead to this problem.

Hence, if you are one of those who are encountering Bitdefender VPN error and desire to eradicate it, then keep reading this article till the end.

Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009 with Effective Solutions

Here, in this section, we are going to discuss some of the reliable ways by which you can easily deal with the Bitdefender VPN error code 1009. Take a look below and try to execute them in the same order as instructed.

Connect with the Network Manually

In most cases, Bitdefender VPN error 1009 occurs due to poor internet connectivity.

To overcome this situation, you have to connect the VPN application with the network manually. And to do that, go through the steps underneath and implement them properly.

Step 1:

At first, restart your device and connect to a secure network. After executing this action, make sure that the Bitdefender VPN adapter is turned on or enabled.

Step 2:

Now, tap on the Windows Start icon to open the Search bar. Then, on the Search bar, write “ncpa.cpl” and hit the Enter button.

Step 3:

After that, launch the Network Connections window and locate the “AnchorFree TAP-Windows Adapter VPN adapter”. As you find it, hit that button. Now, you will find a pop-up menu, select the “Enable” option.

Once you perform all the above steps, now you can try to connect with the Bitdefender VPN.

Eliminate Other VPN Applications

If you are using more than one VPN application simultaneously on your device, then there is a possibility that other VPN services are conflicting with the Bitdefender VPN. And as a result, such an error arises.

Therefore, to remove the Bitdefender VPN, you need to eliminate other VPN applications from your device. 

Furthermore, you can also disable them temporarily while running the Bitdefender VPN application.

Reset the DNS Input

It is also possible that the Bitdefender VPN application is not able to connect to the internet because of the improper DNS input.

Sometimes, users have found that the DNS settings of their network are restricting the VPN service on their devices and also trigger Bitdefender VPN error 1009. To reset the DNS, follow the steps as described below.

Step 1: 

Press the Windows Home key and write “Control Panel”. Now, choose the top search result and open the Control Panel.

Step 2:

In the Control Panel window, go to the “Network And Internet” section. Now, find the “Network And Sharing Center”, located under the “Network And Internet” section.

Step 3:

Now, invoke a new window and click on the “Change Adapter Settings” option from the resultant menu. Then, click on the active network connection that opens a new window. On that window, choose the Properties button from the drop-down menu list.

Step 4:

Here, you need to locate the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option in the Ethernet Properties window.  Select the Properties button here.

Step 5:

Here, you will find another new window that appears on the screen. You need to locate the “Use The Following DNS Server Address” option and place tick on the checkbox. Now, enter the following information into the respective areas. 

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

After implementing them, press the OK button and then reboot your device to apply the new changes.

Reinstall the Bitdefender VPN Application

Another fact that can trigger the Bitdefender VPN error in a device is the file corruption or improper installation of Bitdefender VPN application. To settle this matter, you can reinstall the Bitdefender VPN and check whether the error gets eradicated or not.

But, if you do not aware of the steps, then you can follow up the steps underneath.

  • At first, invoke the Win+X menu by pressing the Windows Home key along with the X key. On that menu, you need to locate the Control Panel and click on it. Once the Control Panel window opens, select the “Uninstall A Program” option.
  • Now, you will get a list where all the applications enlisted that are installed on your device. Choose all the services and applications, associated with the Bitdefender VPN.
  • After that, hit the “Uninstall” button and tap on the OK button to confirm the process.

Thereafter, you can follow the on-screen guidelines to finish the procedure. Once the process is over, reboot your device and go to the Bitdefender official site and then download and a fresh version of Bitdefender.

On the Whole

In the above section, we have provided all the possible causes along with the effective technical hacks. After performing the above tasks, you will be able to overcome the situation.

We hope that this article will be quite helpful to you. Moreover, for more technical information,  you can follow our post on a regular basis.

On the other hand, you always have the option to seek expert guidance. 

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