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Amazing Tips And Tricks To Resolve Error Code 6502 Canon Printer

Nowadays, printers have become an ideal requirement in almost every office setups for making the job more easier.

As such, if there any issues that are letting the printer to stop working, then it should be solved as soon as possible, otherwise, it will cost you higher.

Among all the issues, error code 6502 Canon printer is one of the frustrating ones that most of the users often encounter. This issue might occur due to the ink cartridge or the sensor issues.

So, if you are one of those who are having problems with their Canon printer, then we have enough convenient solutions to solve this error in no effort.

In this context, we have discussed all the principle causes and also the hassle-free solutions to get rid of this particular error code at the earliest.

Probable Causes for Error Code 6502 Canon Printer:

Here are several probable reasons responsible for the Canon error 6052 which usually indicates that there is a fault in the sensor position of the ink tank.

In most of the cases, the LED blockages is another reason that covers the chip or LED in the printing process.

A defected ink cartridge or the old one is another prime suspect for the error code 6052 on your Canon printer.

However, we have arranged a few effective ways to fix error code 6502 Canon Printer.

Hassle-Free Ways to Resolve Error Code 6502 Canon Printer:

We have arranged a few effective methods that you need to know to fix error code 6502 Canon printer in no effort.

Here are some methods cited below to eliminate this error code. Just follow them as per instruction.

Method 1: Reset the Canon Printer to its Default Settings

The first thing you need to do is resetting the Canon printer to its default settings.

Resetting the printer allows the device to go back in time and helps to solve several error codes.

Following are some of the steps are given to complete the task.

  1. In the beginning, turn off your Canon printer by pressing the Power button for a couple of seconds.
  2. Now, long-press the Reset button and the Power button at the same time on your Canon Printer.
  3. After that, release the Reset button while pressing the Power button and then push both the buttons twice in a row.
  4. Wait for approximately 20 to 30 seconds until the LED light shows “0” and then push the Reset button four times in a row.
  5. Now, press the Power button again and turn on the Canon printer to complete the task.

After successfully resetting the Canon printer, try to print some pages to see if the error code 6502 is now fixed.

If still, you are encountering this error code on your printer or the above method fails, try the next solution discussed below.

Method 2: Remove the Old Ink Cartridge on your Canon Printer

Sometimes, using the wrecked ink cartridge can stop the printer to print further pages and ultimately results in error 6502.

In that case, you need to remove the old ink cartridge. Here are some tips given below to do so.

  1. At first, you need to make sure that you have turned on your Canon Printer to proceed with the next steps.
  2. After that, open the front cover from the Canon printer gently and slowly. Then remove all the papers from the cassette.
  3. Now, open the paper output cover to move the Fine cartridge to the replacement position.
  4. Push down the empty Fine cartridge until you hear an electronic sound twice from your Canon printer.
  5. After that, remove the Fine cartridge gently and calmly to complete the above task.

After removing the old cartridge successfully, you need to insert a new cartridge to your printer to resolve this issue.

Method 3: Set a New Ink Cartridge in your Canon Printer

Continuing from the last step of the previous method, go through the steps below to insert a new ink cartridge in your Canon Printer.

  1. At first, tear open the packaging to reveal the new cartridge and then remove the protective tab on the ink cartridge.
  2. Now, slowly slide the new ink cartridge into the ink slot with the ink nozzle facing away from you.
  3. After that, put the color cartridge on the left side and the black cartridge on the right side of your Canon printer.
  4. Now, close the ink cartridge door unless you feel it clicks into its place.
  5. Once the door is closed properly, restart the Canon printer and try printing again.

Now, check if the Canon error code 6502 is all fixed in its earlier state. If the issue still persists or the above method fails, you can go through one more solution discussed below.

Method 4: Update the Canon Printer’s Firmware Manually

If none of the above methods worked, then there might be some issues with the printer’s firmware that is causing the error 6502.

In that case, you need to update the firmware manually. For that, go through the tips cited below to complete the task.

  1. At first, turn on the Canon printer and make sure that the printer is connected to the internet.
  2. After that, locate the Menu key on your printer and press it to select the Setup.
  3. Press the OK button and drive to the bottom of the list to select the Device Settings.
  4. Now, select the OK button again and then select the Firmware Update option from the list.
  5. Again, tap the OK button and then tap on the Install Update option.
  6. Select the Yes button to confirm the Firmware Update and then press OK to start the process.
  7. At last, when the “Update Successful” message is displayed on your printer, tap the OK button to complete the task.

Now, restart the Canon printer again and try to print a few pages to see if the issue is now resolved successfully.

Summing Up

With the solutions explained above, you can definitely fix error code 6502 Canon printer without any trouble.

Hope the above article was beneficial enough to assist you on how to resolve the Canon printer error code 6052 permanently.

In case, the issue still survives or the above plans don’t act, then feel free to consult with a professional to get rid of this issue.

Finally, if you have found additional ways to sort out this error code, then drop your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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