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A Comprehensive Guide To Solve Ricoh Printer Error Codes

Despite the amazing features of Ricoh printers, sometimes, these printers get some error codes which hampers the printing job and makes the users unhappy. 

There are a number of Ricoh printer error codes that might occur anytime in your printer as well.

Multiple reasons are responsible for displaying error codes on your Ricoh printer. Here, we are going to discuss some causes which are responsible for the issues. 

If the connection is poor or uncertain between your computer and your printer, then this issue might appear.

Due to faulty transmission cable or outdated drivers, error codes might show up on the screen. Apart from that, hardware-related problems can be equally responsible for getting the same error code.

Whatever the causes are, you have to fix these glitches at its initial stages. Here in this section, we are going to explore some amazing tips that can be reliable for you in order to fix the problems.

List of Common Ricoh Printer Error Codes and Their Solutions:

There are several Ricoh printer error codes that come up quite regularly. Some of those error codes are discussed here which are quite easy to solve.

You just need to follow the troubleshooting tricks mentioned below. Hence, check out the errors and their respective solutions as well.

Keep in mind that we have mentioned those issues which are found in almost every series of Ricoh printer.

Error Code: SC899

This error code occurs while printing from a specific version of Adobe Reader browser, especially while you are performing a very large printing job.

Apart from this, if you are using a TrueType font, then there is a chance of facing this error code with your Ricoh printer. Follow the steps to get rid of the issue at the earliest possible.

Unplug the Ricoh Printer’s Network Cable

This is the most essential and as well as the primary way to get rid of the error code permanently from your device. Unplugging the cable can be quite reliable for you. 

Follow the cited below steps to do so.

  • The very first thing you have to do is to switch off the printer and unplug the power cable from the power supply. 
  • After that, you need to disconnect the network cable and plug it for once.
  • Next, access the service mode and after that, tap on the button respectively as given (Reset), then click on the (1), (0) and at last, (7).
  • Thereafter, hit on the Clear button and also tap on the menu “SP” that is appearing on the screen.

Next, choose the “SP” key and go to the new menu to expand the portion known as “SP-5XXX”.

Also, extend a few pages until you notice the “5801-Memory Clear” message is appearing on the screen.

Once the notice appears, expand the section and click on “Printer Application” from the submenu.

Now, click on the “Execute” icon from the menu and continue to proceed further.

At the final step, you just need to reboot your Ricoh printer once more while the printer is asking you to “Power Off And finish The Process”.

Download the Latest Printer’s Driver

If the first one is not workable for you to fix the error code, then start a web browser and go to the manufacturer’s website of your Ricoh Printer. You can find this at the backside of your router.

Now, provide the model number of your device and review the latest version of the Printer’s Driver Application if available.

Now, tap on the “Download” icon and then download the application. Thereafter, extract the files and follow the instructions that are showing on the screen to install the driver. 

Once done, restart your printer and check if the problem is still showing up or not.

Error Code: SC315

This particular error code is related to sensor calibration. In case, if the feedback for the charging unit of any color drops below 0.5v for 400 ms, then the users might face this error code with their Ricoh printer. 

Due to the improper installation of the drum unit, you can get the same issue as well. Follow the steps exactly in the same manner to solve it.

Install the Drum Unit

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to be sure that the printer is switched on and open the front cover.

After that, take off the drum and the toner assembly from the printer. Now, you have to push down the green-colored lock lever and as well as remove the toner from the drum.

Then, its time to unwrap the new drum unit and insert the new one. At the last install the toner and drum assembly back to the Ricoh printer. Further, check whether the error code is persisting or not.

Error Code: SC500

Generally, this error code occurs when there is too much load on the drive mechanism. As a result, the Ricoh printer does not perform the printing job. 

In such instances, go through the steps and solve the problem on your own.

First of all, we suggest you check the mechanical load and then replace the motor as well. But we recommend you not to do it on your own if you are not a tech-savvy person. Consult with technicians and take help from them.

Error Code: SC543 and SC545

These are the most common error code that may occur in your Ricoh printer. These indicate a problem related to temperature or thermistor. 

When you are facing the same, then speak to an expert and get proper fixes regarding the issue.

Sometimes, it needs to be replaced or repaired. But this might become quite difficult for you to do it on your own. Because doing it on your own might result in fire or any other severe damages.

In the above content, we have analyzed some apparent methods following which you can resolve Ricoh SP200 printer error codes permanently.

But in case, if you find any further problem, then better you leave your Ricoh printer to a professional. 

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